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Cedar roofing is known for its strength, durability, and visual appeal for residential and or commercial buildings. Cedar’s natural oils help resist decay, insect damage and withstand Alberta’s extreme weather conditions. Cedar’s natural beauty is unbeatable it is a Younger wood that features honey yellow and cinnamon brown tones, which changes into a silvery-grey colour as the wood matures. Cedar roof is naturally resistant to storm damage and stands strong against heavy rain, snow, wind, or hail. Cedar is a natural insulator. It keeps the warmth in during winter and the cooler air in during the summer this results in lower energy bills.
Cedar exhibits a great strength-to-weight ratio that allows Cedar roof to protect your home without weighing it down.
Depending on the Shakes chosen you can achieve a rustic natural look or a more tailored appearance to your home.
For installing a new Cedar roof or repairing or replacing an exciting roof with the natural Cedar roof count on our Cedar experts at Best Top to give you best advice and service.

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